"The Celestia Singers" is a group of about 30 singers. Celestia divides the year into two seasons. The Winter/Holiday season usually starts rehearsals in early to mid September, and performs shows in the first two weeks of December. The content of these shows usually centers around the holidays and is a combination of secular and religious materials. The Spring season usually kicks off in mid January and each year a new theme is chosen. Rehearsals continue through mid May and the longer time allows for more involved shows. Performances run from mid May through June. The Celestia Singers are a division of Celestia Performing Arts.


As you will see in our history, there was an effort to dream big! Much of this vision remains unfulfilled. The board voted in 2017 to change the name of our choral group to better represent what we are currently doing. Yet, the vision remains alive! The following is an exploration of the original vision with hopes that it could some day be fulfilled. 

Celestia Performing Arts Association, Inc., a non-profit organization, was formed by Karen Ann Fitzpatrick and Mimi Drummond in October 2000. The two joined together to make a dream come true, not only for themselves, but also for the communities in which they live. While the areas boast wonderful School Districts, great Park and Recreation Departments, fantastic sports programs and many prestigious businesses, they lack a cultural arena. Karen Ann and Mimi felt a need and a desire to see these wonderful communities enhanced by having their own performing arts center. Imagine a center where adults and children can perform and which provides an entertainment area where local neighbors and corporate clients can visit at night, instead of traveling into the city. Imagine a hall filled with music of all types; opera, classical, contemporary, jazz, and country; the fluid motion of ballet; the voices of poetry readings; and stage performances of dramas. Imagine an exhibit hall filled with local artisans' works: paintings, sculptures, photography and much, much more! This is what Celestia Performing Arts Association is about. 


Celestia’s vision is one of great magnitude. Just like our logo set against the starlit sky, our future is bright. New stars will be born and begin their shining legacy. Faded stars will glow once again. Others will discover that they are stars awaiting a home in which to shine.

  • Celestia will be that home: an expansive, state-of-the-art facility with a Welcome mat that invites the audience to relax while enjoying the sights and sounds of local artists.
  • Celestia will be that home: a haven for artistic expression where individual stars shine and groups of stars form a galaxy.
  • Celestia will be that home: a sanctuary where local businesses can entertain their clients and staff.
  • Celestia will be that home: a safe harbor where parents can entrust their children for the development of artistic talents and the experiences of artistic expression.
  • Celestia will be that home: a refuge where all generations come together for wholesome entertainment in a family atmosphere.

When you look through the telescope at the Celestia sky, you will see a home where mentoring, nurturing, and collaboration are centered. You will see amateur performers with a professional approach; talented professionals mentoring amateurs; a family of performers nurturing each other; and, collaboration with the community.

Celestia will be recognized throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania as a leader in its endeavors. We encourage you to “gaze” at the Celestia vision. Be a star. Help a star. Teach a star. Support a star.

Come home to Celestia and watch this vision become a reality in your community.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a high quality forum for the arts, supported by educational and practical experiences. We will also cultivate the arts and we invite the community to enjoy local presentations. And lastly, we will ensure that the talent and support gathered from the community is returned in kind through our activities and performances.


Celestia Performing Arts Association is grounded in the following principles:
  1. Nurture - A characteristic element promoting the development of artistic expression in others and personal development is innate in all our members.
  2. Community - A sense of belonging and a feeling of homecoming is our commitment to camaraderie, acceptance, and service to the community.
  3. Professionalism - A quality consistently evident in our style of entertainment and our service to the community. Education - A wholesome foundation of mentoring and instruction ensuring personal growth, achievement, and constant improvement.
  4. Respect - Our ethical responsibility and quality entertainment maintains respect both within our organization and in the community.
  5. Creativity - A forum for self-expression in many arenas of art: performing, visual, and written.

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